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Take your organizational skills to the next level.


Be it an intimate wedding ceremony or a full throttle rock show, planning in Virtual Reality can make the difference between a perfectly coordinated operation or a stressful, overwhelming experience. 

in planning

Confident Decision Making

Virtual Reality
in Event management.

In an industry governed by deadlines, and effective communication, Virtual Reality can be your secret weapon. Simplify the process of planning, avoid miscommunications brought about by language barriers, technical jargon and cross-purpose assumptions.


  • Detailed VR model.

  • Cloud stored information in Virtual Reality format (accessible through your smartphone).

  • Fully customised Structured planning sessions with real-time VR editing.

  • detailed measurements for production crew.

  • Customised animated walkthroughs and animation videos in 4k resolution.

  • Photorealistic images / renders.

  • Complimentary Virtual Reality viewing device.

  • Animated videos and stills for publicity campaign.


  • communication gaps.

  • waste of time and financial resources.

  • unforeseen practicalities.

  • Miscalculation of raw material requirements (quantities)

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Events how it works

How it works

The Virtual Design Process

Concert Venue.jpg

Connect with our creative team and create a virtual model of your venue.


Bring it to life in the virtual world. Design the look you want in micro detail. In VR, do all the problem solving and fine tuning required to refine your vision.


When communicating your idea to others, it is near impossible to do so with words alone. A VR experience is a much more effective way to do so. 

This applies when speaking to:

PRO TIP: In case you require team Turbit to run a VR briefing or presentation on your behalf, tell us here.

  • clients​

  • sponsors

  • support staff and crew

  • security personnel etc.


Don't spend precious time and resources going to and from the venue. Bring the venue to you.

Share the venue details with your support team via our secured system. This allows you to thoroughly brief your team, with detailed instructions, familiarise them with the layout, entry and exit points, locations of toilets and other amenities etc.

This briefing can be shared via customized video or a VR experience. Your team can access this via their smart-phone.


Using the designed output, we provide you with an animated fly-through movie that can be used for promotional purposes on you tube, social media etc.

PRO TIP: For specialised scripting, editing and production needs, tell us.

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