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We are Turbit Mixed Reality Services

Our mission is to encourage, enable and facilitate an empowered and creative community.

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Team TURBIT, and the extended community of collaborators, is a small group of pathologically curious, "let's do this, what could possibly go wrong" kind of people.

We are united by a shared goal to bring the transformative power of Virtual Reality into the service of each and every member of society.


A shared passion 


Ayesha Langstieh

Founder, CEO

With extensive experience in key administrative roles in the field of event management on the local, national and international circuit, Ayesha is an entrepreneur from Shillong who believes her region and people have untapped potential and wants to play an active part in creating new opportunities.

Chancharick Choudhury Shillong_edited.jpg

Founder, Creative Director, Chauffer

Chancharick Choudhury is a sculptor, radio jockey, event management consultant and aspiring entrepreneur from the hills of Shillong. His mission is to bring technology into the service of each and every member of society. 

Chancharick Choudhury

Santosh das Turbit Accountant


Santosh Das

Hailing from Shillong, Santosh is a mainstay in the accounting department.

The team

Origin story


It all started in a small(ish) classroom on the first floor of the Bosco Institute of Social Work. The Director of the institute, Father Jerry Thomas, along with a friend and colleague Robert Ewers, an advisor from Childaid, Germany was able to see the vision and, more importantly, to believe in the cause. They extended a hand in support and solidarity. Their beliefs and philosophy were exactly aligned with the tenets of the Maker movement, ie that the power of a community working together, even when they are working separately is a powerful thing, failure was to be celebrated and shared, not feared and avoided, that young people had a responsibility to the communities they came from, and adopting their places in their communities was the ticket to a meaningful and dignified life.


Oh, and that having fun was priority numero uno.

And so began the process of thinking globally and acting locally. The small steps and laborious process seemed frustratingly slow and limited at first. Virtual Reality is was relatively unknown and mostly considered to be too 'high-tech' for the everyday layperson. 

Time is a confusing thing. Looking back now, what seemed like a slow, never-ending slog towards a goal that only existed in our collective imaginations, was in fact, the natural progression of an idea growing muscles and bounding along at a good pace. In fact, at the right pace. It was challenging but not overwhelming. Well, not overwhelmingly overwhelming. It also taught us all that limitation, be it financial or logistical, was a necessary pre-condition to being able to think creatively. 

This is where the first VR design hub began. And, through the miracle of Virtual Reality, you can actually, literally visit this first Beta-tested version of our extended makerspace! 

QR for Virtual Reality Tour, Turbit Makerspace Prototype_edited.jpg

Take a tour in Virtual Reality

  • Open the QR scanner on your smartphone. *

  • Scan this QR code.

  • Follow the link being displayed.

  • You can now move your phone around and see the visualisation.


VR ICON_edited.png
  • To view in Virtual Reality, press the               icon.

  • Slip the phone into VR viewer (google cardboard/Shinecon etc)**

  • You are now in Virtual space. Look around!

* check for compatibility (90% phones released after 2016 are compatible.​

** relatively inexpensive (average price Rs. 400)

Origin Story
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